Save Money and Solve Problems with Energy Efficiency

We use energy in our homes every minute of every day. Energy keeps the lights on and the furnace humming. It heats our water, cools our air, and runs our TVs, computers, and electronics.

Although energy makes many good things happen, it also comes with a cost. We pay for the energy we use in our monthly utility bills. Energy use also contributes to environmental problems like global warming and air pollution.

For these reasons it is important to know how to use energy efficiently. That means using only as much energy as we need to live well. Luckily, we know how to do it!

This website will refer you to programs that will make your home energy efficient. Here are some of the things these programs can help you with:

Insulating a home in Saint Paul


Insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Insulate your attic, your walls, and even your water heater. You’ll save on heating and cooling bills. Insulation is the key ingredient keeping the warmth inside your home.

Upgrade poor performing appliances to save money


Replace old, poor performing furnaces, boilers, refrigerators and air conditioners with new efficient models. These appliances consume the majority of energy in your home and replacing them with more efficient models will result in immediate savings. In addition, there are usually tax incentives or rebates when purchasing more efficient appliances. You thought the free clothes dryer you got from Aunt Betty was a great deal, but it may be costing you 25% more each month to run than a newer model.

Seal air leaks around windows and doors

Seal Air Leaks

Use foam and weather stripping to plug cracks and spaces where air escapes from doors, windows, walls, attic, and ductwork. This is an inexpensive way you can make a big difference. Makes a great Sunday project for you and the kids!

Compact florescent lights save money and the environment

Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

Change your standard bulbs to compact fluorescents and see an immediate drop in electricity costs. Here’s why: CFLs use 20-30% of the power traditional incandescent bulbs use and last 8-15 times longer.

Smart thermostats are a smart way to save energy

Use Smart Controls

Use a power strip to automatically cut the power to your TV, computer, and music systems when not in use. Even though your television, stereo and other appliances are off, they still consume power when plugged in. Also, use a programmable thermostat to automatically control the temperature inside your home.